Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 11, 2017

“You are my butterfly”~by Khalid Belkhalfi



48- “You are my butterfly”

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Isaac Newton was right
For every action there is an equal
And opposite reaction ..

The smallest action,
An activity, a movement,
A creation or even the simplest word
Has an influence
On the outcome of the world ..

It’s the butterfly effect ..

What if Christopher Columbus
Didn’t discover the new world,
Would America still be
The land of the free
And would lovers still visit
The Statue of Liberty?

What if Shakespeare wasn’t a writer,
Would Romeo still love Juliette?
And what if the piano
Wasn’t invented just yet,
Would Beethoven still write Eroica
His third symphony?

How would the world of art be
Without the smile of the Mona-Lisa
If Leonard De Vinci didn’t learn
How to paint?

The Nile river would be without charm
If it weren’t for the existence
Of the pyramids ..

Paris is just an ugly urban city
Without soul
If it weren’t for the Eiffel Tower ..

The world would be sicker
If it weren’t for the knowledge
Of the scientist Pasteur ..

And the world would be darker
If it weren’t for the bulbs
Of Mr. Thomas Edison ..

The list goes on..

But my world is a real beauty
With all its colors, all its love
My world is the best
Because you are here ..
You are my new world
My Eiffel Tower, my pyramid
My Mona Lisa .. My Juliette ..
You are the best symphony
Ever written, my life and my light..

You are my butterfly so shake my world ..

Khalid Belkhalfi
July 11, 2017


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