Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 13, 2017

Daily missive for Thursday the 13th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 13th of July.

A lonely pilgrim
Atop a mountain
Free of earthly chattels
Hands washed clean
In a sparkling
Icy stream
Channels spirituality
On a tablet
Takes donations
For a free the earth
Of revelation
And people die
For peace.
Co-existence is a byword
For duplicity
Breaking free
Is not to be trusted
When hatred
Is so easily spread
Betrayal is a garnish
More pungent
Than English mustard
Too many cliques
And communities
Keeping safe
At the expense
Of others
Unless we are sisters
And brothers
Not even then.
Misreading and
Brings conflict
Opens old wounds
Creates chaos
Turns whole cities into ruins.
Why do we value property
Higher than life
Your daughter, son
Or your wife
A plea for humanity
Goes unheard
Above the noise
Of opprobrium
At the over simplification
Of history
It remains a mystery
When as the architects
Of our own downfall
We do not rebuild trust
On one firm foundation
One hope
One love
One nation.


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