Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 13, 2017

The Solitary Reaper~by Hela Tekali

The Solitary Peasant

(Inspired from William Wordsworth
The Solitary Reaper)


The Solitary Reaper

Look at her,
Single in the field with her head tilted high
A bright star shining in the sky
By the fertile lea, she used to lie
Reaping and chanting by herself;
As a shepherdess counting the flock of sheep,she starts to weep
A melancholical song she chants
Like a cricket with its loud chirping that haunts
Her voice so thrilling and pleasant,
In Spring time, there stands the Solitary Peasant
Breaking the silence of the seas
Her soft voice is heard through the gentle breeze
Will no one tell me what the Maiden sing?
Maybe a spiritual song to which she clings,
It seems her bleak song will never end
Some natural conveying tone of sorrow, grief, pain she does intend
And I stand motionless and still
Listening to her vibrating voice and strong will
The music in my heart I keep,
With a flow of uncontrollable emotions,
I start to weep.

Jenayah Hela
The Solitary Peasant
@Spiritual Poetry
( inspired from William Wordsworth)


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