Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2017

Mohamed Rasul Allah~by Hela Tekali~(Acrostic poem)



Mohamed Rasul Allah

Man of a great moral character,
Of magnificient nature and manner,
Humble in conduct and in human venture,
Admired and praised by everyone,
Messenger of love , peace and faith,
Eloquent in his speech , advocate of righteousness,
Divine, pure , and graceful,
Reverend in every endeavor,
Ambitious in his divine pursuit,
Savior of humanity and begetter of peace,
Unparalleled, an unprecedented leader,
Lofty beyond all understandings,
Absolute in grace , honesty , loyalty,
Luminous in knowledge and wisdom,
Loving , caring , devoted,
Awarded by the Almighty for his unshaken belief,
Heart of Islam and instituter of religious creed.

Jenayah hela
Mohamed Rasul- Allah
( Acrostic Poem)

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