Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2017

My Mind Is A Stage~by Hela Tekali



My Mind Is A Stage

My mind is a stage
My ink is a playright
A war of love I wage
With colors black and white.

My artwork is a theatre
My poem a screen- writer
Inspiring muse ,my actor
My silent voice , my playing speaker.

My melancholical tone is my drama
My pain , sorrow , grief ,my tragic flaw
My weird and peculiar spirit my trauma
Catharsis , onomatopeia my ebb and flow.

Humour is my comedy
Mock-epic, burlesque are my muse
Pseudo-reality is my parody
Satire and irony I intently choose.

My plume is my inspiring romance
Fairy tale of love is my plot
Sketches of passion with a quick of glance
I portray denouement of human knot.

Jenayah hela

My Mind Is A Stage

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