Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2017

“The doomed man”~by Khalid Belkhalfi



33- “The doomed man”

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White pigeon stopped
at the window of my cell
To see this innocent prisoner 
being led to hell
She wanted to say goodbye
to an unflinching fellow man
She didn’t understand why
they will kill an innocent man ..

I said I’m a citizen
of the forbidden land
They burned our farms
and all beaches of white sand
They stole our cattle
and polluted our fresh water
Destroyed every school,
every house and every pillar ..

Then we raised our voices
at the faces of the evildoers
And we stood opposed
to every hand of child abusers
We fought a hostile war
with courage and bravery
And we paid the price
of our liberty and glory ..

As I was being executed
the pigeon saw my death
She took off carrying
a holly message of my last breath
To all of you who are suffering
and aren’t feeling well
Better die than living as a slave,
living in hell ..

Khalid Belkhalfi
June 16th, 2017


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