Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 15, 2017

A colourless dawn~by Ravindranath Kunnath



A colourless dawn

A colourless dawn
Only for adding
Another lifeless page.

We are inside
The old house
A breathless wind
Peep through
The window
Not for to give love
But to give coolness
We remember now
It is death
Colourless dawn
Vessels cry
In kitchen
No water to drink
Nor bath
The thin feeble voice
Of my wife
I will try
I answered.

She came before me
With a pot in hand
I smiled
She smiled
This is the only asset
We have
Take a broom
And clean the decayed
Petals of our hopes

I walked
Out side for water
She stood at the
With a thin feeble smile
I said to myself
This is i think hope.

People looked at me
As if iam an allien
Look that fellow
Living with
Heavenly dreams
Look at that sinner
Of our soil
He is a rogoue
A dirty cow
A criminal
He want change
For that
He exhort
To change all our
Self made curtans
His wife
Another dirty fellow
Rape her
Till the last drop of blood

I walked
Without any fear
Like a bubble
On the air of them

No water
In the public tap
Me and she
No other way
This colourless dawn
May be a boon
A rain i hope
She hope
We hope
The rainwater
Will come
Through the holes
Of our roof
It is nectar
For us
We hope
It will again ignite
Our dreams and hopes

The doorway
My wife stood
The thin feeble smile
Still there
May be
She also
Expect rain
From this
Colourless dawn.



  1. Amazing!

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