Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 15, 2017

SILENCE WITHIN~by Shalini Singh




My mind craving for that moment of silence,
When thoughts freeze and l can’t hear their resonance,
A moment of truth is all l need to strike that balance,
My words giving me that strength, l fight in their guidance,
My reflection and thoughts are unwilling to shed that resemblance,
I witness them rise and fall , l love their measured cadence,
I often ask myself in desperation where is my share of solace and silence,
My thoughts moving to and fro they are unwilling to slow their pace and alliance,
Sometimes l ask a question and my soul is silent, l loose my patience,
Trying to find answers on my own, the failure leads to annoyance,
A road leading to nowhere, the source of my agony, my defiance,
I detach with thoughts for a while, let loose myself l see my soul dance,
In my dreams and imagination that is ruled by compassion and romance,
I know its a hard thing to maintain between two worlds such a distance,
I may leave to come back again but what l loose my soul perchance,
Right now l feel it in every bit of me and its still there l get that confidence,
I might have changed but its still in me and this moment ,l hear nothing but silence.



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