Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 16, 2017

I don’t want mansion~by Bijoy Bhakat



I don’t want mansion

I don’t want mansion
I don’t want palace..
neither any luxury
nor the affluence ..

Amidst the tsunami of war
amidst the adversity and violence ..
amidst the terrorist attack
in different places
in London , California and Athens ..

I want the solace…
I want art humanity
and culture..
not the perpetrators
and greedy vultures ..

I don’t want storm
don’t want hurricane
I don’t want any hatred
I don’t want derangement and insane ..

I want parity and equality.
Freedom serenity..
want coolness and calmness
fearless and freeness..

I want happiness
I want laughter..
every corner..
every point
and epicenter ..

on the land
in the air..
in sea, mountain
and hemisphere..

in every face
in every heart
in the whole universe
on this earth..

Bijoy Bhakat @


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