Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 16, 2017

“MY MEMORABLE DREAM”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




My memory has dug a dreamily time
Time of holding this room
This room was not that room
Only this room is my memorable room
Full of quietness and beautiful itself
Tranquility memorable dreams were swimming in all days
Long or double bed was in there,
The dreaminess was like bird flying always
The dreaminess was flying during my deep slumber
That always I was meeting with her in there
Almost hours and hours I was waiting….
Noon descend and after noon
Evening meet me soon
The brightness in fullest from moon
Covered me and one star faced me when I was meeting her
But from all stars only her was a minister
That always she was bringing a much light to whole room
Because this room was occupied with light.
She was lighting to my expedition of dreamily time
That always she was teaching me how to measure a mile
From her face on me, she had a face of smile
She was casting a splendid words….
“Love Is Natural Feelings Inside The Heart That Every One Feed”
With those words filled my heart with lovely song
Song I never inscribed but because of dreaming her
That song took along….
To field of love
My angel, my Darling
My sweet, my honey
My dose to cure love sickness
My comforter….
It’s my memorable dream!!


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