Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2017

Mary oh sweet Mary..~by Mellissa DeRoss


This I dediate two my friend Mary.


Mary oh sweet Mary..


Mary everyday I see you I wounder how.
You are doing.
Mary are you ok how’s your day.
Mary I have been praying that God will heal.
you from whats your going thro.

Mary I see the flower’s are doing great.
kitty get’s upset when mom.
does’nt answer her casie is so sweet she also.
worries about you Mary.

Mary it was nice to see you outside 07-16-2017 i have been very..
worried about you.

Oh Heavenly Father I have been very worried about my friend.
Mary she has done so much for other people its time.
please heal Mary from what’s she got..
she’s a awsome lady.
like i said Lord she’s done a lot for a lot of people it’s now.
her time for people do for her for a once.
Lord I love this lady as if she was my own mom.
please keep the good work on healing Mary from all of what’s.
she’s been going thro.
in Jesus’s Name AMEN!!

Mary I Love You.
I may not be your daughter but that really doesnot.
matter it’s what that is in your heart..
I wrote this just for you.

by Mellissa DeRoss

to whom read’s this please say a prayer for my friend Mary and me.
as well thank you.


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