Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2017

You are my sweetheart ~by Bijoy Bhakat



You are my sweetheart

You are my sweetheart
you are my friend
you are my beginning
you are my end.

As I can’t forget you
I can’t leave you..
I always feel you
I always miss you..

please never forget me
and never leave me alone..
As in this whole universe
you are mine
and you are my known…

I get you every night
in my eyes
in my dream..
your disappearance even for a moment
makes me cry , makes me scream…

I have painted your love
in my heart
Which can never be faded
can never be ripped apart.

If you don’t believe me
ask the flowers
ask the bees..
ask the pole star
ask the sea..

If you don’t rely me
ask the cloud
ask the moon ..
ask the mist
and monsoon ..

They will be saying
the truth and everything
about my love
about my dream
about my desires
hope , cry and scream.
about my trust
my passion
my faith
and devotion ..

They will say about my love
for you
which is
as fresh as first rain drop
as fresh as morning dew…

Bijoy Bhakat@



  1. wow soul touching

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