Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2017

YOURS TRULY~by Balachandran Nair




Mom, I am Ten.
A hushed-up intimate talk
Woke me up past mid-night
You were on phone
Someone lovely on other end.
I heard you talk about
Marrying, settling down.
Glad, I not bothered to disturb
All of a sudden a word-bomb fell,
You said I am an orphan
You brought as an infant
Never letting me know it!
I was five
Once came back from school
I saw you quarrel with a stranger
Eyes red shot, you were crying
The man took me up, hugged
You snatched me back, locked up.
Through the window, I saw him leave.
I was two.
Stopping lullaby you lifted up from cradle
Fake angrily, softly pinched my buttock
In a sweet, soft voice you said:
‘Hey naughty! Your Papa, naughtier,
Not even dared to come to hospital
To meet you new born, let alone me.
Just sent presents n inquired wellness
Sitting overjoyed at somewhere else’!
Yes, mom now I am ten years old, bold,
Yet possess umpteen ageless hatred!



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