Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2017

Daily missive for Tuesday the 18th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 18th of July.

The world exists
Inside my head
The word is a signifier
Of understanding
Without it my thoughts
Would be speechless.
What of images
Their meaning
Opaquely painted over
With only sufficient detail
To avoid the largest
So many pitfalls
Resist detection
Even in a world
Of my own creation.
Only the loudest words
Are heard
The most lurid
Images accounted for.
Attention so often diverted
Without ownership
A world inverted
On the inside
Introversion can feel crowded
Introspection can push you out
Into the external
Where worlds collide.
The explosions created
Can split the fabric of resistance.
Generate a chain reaction
Of new meanings
A lexicon of words
Beyond the scope
Of self-reflection.
So clearly re-imagined
As a shallow pool
Of mindful self-deception.
The expansion of horizons
Is the new internal connectivity
An assembly of intention.
A significant connotation
Of uncertainty
The principal of eternal
A misunderstood pronouncement.


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