Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2017

Moralist~by rldubour




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I have been called many names
And most of them are right!
Most recently a moralist
For issues I incite.

Now out comes the dictionary
I must get this exact.
Because everyone that reads this
Will know these words are fact.

I am the first one to admit
I don’t know how to spell.
Good thing I have a word program
It helps me very well.

So let us see how well I do
In looking for the M’s.
And what makes it even harder
Is M before or after N’s?

Now at the M’s I find moral
Start reading what I see
Then I realize I have to add
The ending I S T.

The meaning of this word I read
One who leads a moral life.
My first thought was to disagree
Wait, let me ask my wife.

OK, she says just a little
Not much more than that.
She added that I’m still a pain
And always been a brat!

Going to skip the second meaning
For reasons you will see.
Onto the third and I have to say
I hope that is not me!

I do not wish to regulate
The morals of others.
Just expressing all my thoughts
Taught to me by mother.

I don’t think I am a scholar
I write of my concerns.
Of all my moral principles
And of the things I learn.

My answers are not always right
In solving all the wrong.
So you can either disagree
Or you can tag along.


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