Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 19, 2017

Kill me ….I am but you~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by Anita Sahoo‘s touching poem
‘ Lost Childhood ‘



Kill me ….I am but you

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Who was the culprit not he
but the social fabric that we weave
big and small in it to bereave
the rich in it to believe

for its the poor who are always caught
the rich abscond bigger booties sought
they are the ones who abound
who create these little kids who beg for food
a little piece of hunger to kill its pangs
for a little bit of food

who rebel in a life fought in jails to go
for a few morsels stolen
from us snatching what was their due

as we sit on tables masquerading our lives
passing judgement in what is morally right
a child whose only brought up in life
to believe hes a beggar
‘shun me I am just not your type ‘
lost in the crowd in my own little fight
the rich who sit wasting food at night
in lavish parties for a moments respite
feeding themselves drinking to death
in parties just to feel elated in their lifes
for a day of fun n frolic in their boring little lives

Whose is to blame the child or us
Whose grown up to see a life so dark
in a darkness
in dreams which come to naught
fighting dragons
evil spirits of real life
in it to defend a life full of lies
what will this child grow up to realise
I want to be that rich don
who steals
hoodwinks you in his might
in his terror to create a fright
where you don’t even question what is wrong or right
you give up your rights
in his fright
no questions asked
for you are scared of him
as he threatens you at the point of a knife
to HELL with your moral rights ..I was once that child !
Copyright Nutan Sarawagi 2017


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