Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 19, 2017

The day you will come to me~by Bijoy Bhakat



The day you will come to me

The day you will come to me..
It will be a red letter day
for me…

It will be ..
a remarkable and notable..
a striking and inspiring ..
a starring ann exciting ..
day for me..

The day you will stand by the side of me ..
It will be a bright day
not only for me
but for
my love
my passion..
my dream
and illusion..

As without you
I can’t live
I can’t think…

even without you
I can’t contemplate
I can’t meditate..
I can’t ruminate

As without you ..
without your love..
I am nothing
I am nobody..
a nonentity

The day you will accept me as your friend
it will be a notable day
for me
for my mind
for my heart
for my soul..
as you are my path
you are my goal..

The day you will hold my hand ..
my worries
my negativity..
my sorrow
my anxiety ..

will be vanished
will be gone..
will be died out
will be wiped out..
the positivity will be surfaced
Happiness will be appeared
in my face
my eyes..

in my feelings
my sensation
my perception
my jubilation ..

in my heart
in my feelings
in my response ..

Bijoy Bhakat@



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  2. This is nice 🙂

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