Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 19, 2017

THE MORNING DEW~by Shalini Singh




I notice on the leaves and flowers, the morning dew,
Something amazing, so fascinating, something that the nature brew,
Whats grabs my attention, is a leaf and on it plays a drop of drew,
I feel like plucking the leaf, it is my urge that l somehow withdrew,
I hold the leaf lovingly on my hands and let on it play, the morning dew,
l admire the shimmery drop of liquid and l notice that my anticipation grew,
I feel its joy and pleasure but what if the wind blew and threw,
I am aware of its short term existence and it will not happen out of the blue,
It teaching me the lesson of life and its so amazing and true,
It might vanish soon or destruct but nature has its way to construe,
I grab the thought and l am lost in the happy moment with a changed view,
I will continue solving the mysteries of life, what is due and undue,
In the process, l would let go off from my soul what is unworthy and untrue,
My soul is in the search of life with a renewed review,
I let go the honey dew, its lost, l am looking at the residue,
I am not sad I know it will return again, we will meet again, so true,
I perceive it not as an end, the journey is eternal and l know it will continue.



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