Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2017

“A sonnet on Shakespeare”~by Haraeen Hussain



“A sonnet on Shakespeare”

You the great composer of the mysteries of love You own and master the art of playwriting
You perfumed the seasonal love, glorified nature in your poetic conventions
Summer’s solstice, spring’s equinoxes, conceit and fanciful comparisons.
Thy art marvellous, O great painter of imagination and reality
Your characters manifest the stream of life with gratitude
The envies, jealousy, and dearest love in Othello
The literary murmurs of romance and eternal love of Romeo and Juliet.
You described your ruminations and bereavements through your characters
Failed loves, bitterness, tenderness and lovers shielding beloved
Your tales of love are immortal and written in the stars
You painted the images of Autumn, twilight, ruins and dying fires.
The yearnings of young lovers, fading beauty in damsel of love poems make your work inspiring forever
You idealized the definition of love, the contentment of lovers and eternal beauty.

Haraeen Hussain


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