Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2017

THE TOUCH OF LOVE~by Shalini Singh




I recall the sweet, feathery touch of love,
Feeling as if my hands caressing a dove,
So velvety and smooth is the touch,
The delicate, soft feel of the petals of the flowers,
Varied shades of colours, that nature displays adds colour to my life,
The feeling, when my fingers run through the fluffy and furry creatures,
Such innocence and love in their looks, l guess they exhibit true emotions,
They speak the language of love and my heart is well versed with it,
Like a child l imagine to sail through the dazzling white clouds,
Wish l could grab a portion and stealthily carry it back with me,
The magical moment when snow descends from the sky unrelenting,
I remember the feel of snow in my hands freezing but warm,
The tender touch of the rain drizzling softly on my face,
Sometimes l step out and l am amazed at the sudden appearance,
The soft wind blows and it felt l got a peck on my cheek,
I feel the touch of love that nature showers on me and l am lost,
So fragile and delicate is the feel of love , l feel it all around me,
Transporting me to a world so vivid and lovely that l never wish to leave,
I let nature touch me and touch in return, l am lost in the touch of love.


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