Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 21, 2017

Elegance of romance~by Piya Ghosh



Elegance of romance

It was Valentine’s Day,when I saw him – tall,dark and handsome,
I was totally enchanted, by his persona,charming and winsome.
My heart gave a leap,my pulse raced, when he asked me for a dance,
He captivated my entire being, with his unique gait and glance.

I melted like wax,when he touched me and took me in his arms,
I lost all power of reasoning, as I succumbed to his charms.
Our eyes met,our steps matched,all spectators did applaud,
Thus began our whirlwind romance and he became my God.

Hand in hand,we we took our walks, by seas and moonlit streams,
I was the fairy tale’s Cinderella and he the Prince of my dreams.
Time would not pass, if we never met,days seemed like years,
If his phone call did not come,I would be in a flood of tears.

On the following New Year’s eve,we went on a romantic date,
On reaching home,we embraced and kissed, he lingered on at the gate.
Suddenly he went down on his knees and lovingly did propose,
To my surprise, he brought out a ring and the most beautiful rose.

Our romance culminated in walking up the aisle, to become man and wife,
When we took our wedding vows and promised to be together, for life.
Even now our romance continues, elegant, dew fresh and honey sweet,
If death does ever part us,in the after life, shall we meet.

Piya Ghosh ~21-7-17

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