Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 22, 2017

TRUSTEE~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick




We are the Trustee
Not the owner of our wealth and sweet home
A divine contribution of the lineal succession 
A leading great company of Charity, love and affection
where the cool breeze of happiness blows
from dawn to dusk and
Dusk to dawn
pervading the aroma of
Peace ,harmony and admiration

Father looks after the administration
Mother , an idol of the unconditional love and compassion
Manages finance

We invest our deep love every moment for no reason
Beautifully care and manage the emotions of everyone
Our sweet home stands like a strong shielded accommodation
To challenge the bad eyes
And to face the adverse and harshful environmental conditions
Spreading the message of love and peace
Like pollengrains

With the strength of our Unity, love and cooperation
We are the brilliant assets manager
In every situation of pains and pleasure
We are the best enterpriser
And risk managing factor
We are the trustee of our
Global trust of peace
Till our last signature….

Copyright @Kalpana


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