Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2017

THE ART OF TAGGING…~by Joan Wilson




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This is natural…Don’t worry, this is purely normal human nature
Doing a same thing repeatedly induces habituated culture
Trust me! One must stick to civil and balanced behavior at any juncture
You are not dealing with a mortal here; this is a quasi with no future
Tagging is not free in this media; this is a sheer business venture
My Friends! Do not find an excuse today…I can easily understand this gesture…

I sometimes read that you all want to take a break from this extempore tenure
Why do you over speed when steep fall is imminent in any wild adventure
No one can demand celebrity status; this is earned with hard work and true desire
This is a fake world; don’t turn blind while reading Facebook’s scripture
Tagging limits your reach; this network is not a fool but a mode to chain and capture
My Friends! Do not find an excuse today…I want to see your real picture…

I am sure that you were blocked to use this ludicrous feature
Please do not get addicted and then face my repeated torture
You may smile, grin or turn gloomy but first see your mirror in this posture
We all are sailing in identical boats, why to tell a lie anymore
Tagging is like digging your own grave; it surprises when you create a furor
My Friends! Do not find an excuse today…just chill and don’t act under pressure…

Imagine this day as I am not lecturing on grammar, tense, language or literature
Some learned scholars must still be looking for a place to hide and ignore
Advertisement is never complimentary; how can you even think of such dubious exposure
Respect wisdom, speak truth, behave mature…there is no need to scare
Tagging once in a while is admissible; I still advise you to remain beware
My Friends! Have you found an excuse today? Don’t expect mercy as I am not going to spare…

What is the excuse today, please..?


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