Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2017

THE RUG WEAVER~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




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His life is a story of strenuous striving,
Artistic rugs of bamboo reeds weaving
With utmost dedication in a simple tapestry
Like weaver birds masterpieces painstaking.

An audacious decision at autumn age descending
So short is life yet hard life untiring
Insensitivity of man when it comes to easing labour misery,
He travels alone in winding streets dusty.

A simple bicycle affords his transportation,
Austere ways of carrying loads in hurting ways
Vanished in his tent of wares on sale,
His dawn is history with merchandise fares.

Riding on dreams of everyday toil,
Treads to different local markets of soil,
On turbulent uneven folds of hilly roads,
Prolific sojourn meticulously planned with loads.

A pale glimpse of man covered in shrouds
Bubbles of past heritage drilled in his veins
Mindless ardour and failures on his way,
A testimony of persistent sustenance,not vain.

However hard the winds may blow
Steadfast remains his endeavor stronghold,
Exhaustion is not in his dictionary of life,
Abandons all sloth on his dangerous climb.

Through surf and turf overwhelming wrinkles,
Creases of tenacity tanned in written freckles,
Calmly sails on the periphery of existence,
Challenging adversity in sprouting enthusiasm.
Jyotirmaya Thakur 21/7/17



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