Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 24, 2017

Unpopular events of wars~by Payal Sharma



Unpopular events of wars

To wars they must fly,
cowards with weak hearts,
searching unstoppably for
perfect spirits and romantic jiffies,
jingoistic battles entwined with
startling testaments of earthly
faculties lost upon the beds of
concerted faith, love, and duty.

Hand grenades etched like pineapples,
rattling of machine guns, flowing
crimson steel like blood,
pile high the remains of bodies floundering
variously by the dust lost in attempts
for translations of manufactured politics
between two or more territories,
widows torn between tears and pretenses.

Crawl low through warfare trenches,
where they slept, ate, carried paraffin wax
boxes inside pulled up rotten socks,
fortified their tissues with canned tins
and hollowed injuries enduring guffaws
of loutish retreats, attacks and friends
choked to eternal sleeps in frozen
ditches, sweep along the barbed wires
and sticky octopus like marshes,
unwashed hair, chlorined lungs,
stuttering rifles and custodianship of
youth so doomed, suffering, yet basking
in glory of saving their languages and lands
with truths of generations spoken in
horrors of modernised abhorrence.

Pulsing high the testosterone soaked
mundane existences rife with hosts
and employers guttering plaintiffs and
urban hoaxes, like callings of a sad child
privately educated, when sleeps grow
into dark tunnels of thoughts wearing
paller of arithmetic reckoning by passing bells,
life expectancies in days which may be rather
fruitful, vehement and energetic.

Live also the cattle gnawing and retiring
to dusks with bulging eyes and unconcerned
mass of flesh used sparingly.


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