Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2017

the clowns last laugh 🤡 ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the poet Ron DuBour
In whose poems I can’t help but comment !


the clowns last laugh 🤡

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I wonder if man has a choice
all choices left to his demise
he gathers more hate around
no space left to turn around
As he goes in a life further in him
to waste no time to crack him in
he was once that time to live in
no time …too late now
who does care
in a life to make just be merry ensnare
the wiles in life to expose
that was a life we once lived
in its love to feel in us
now that life is gone to another world
where pixies live in a fairies world
give me that world to live again
in its time to spend again
when people just laughed in a life so cool
where everyone loved in it to drool
a life of love to paint our blues
now its gone in the clouds
we dream of you
come back to us
we want to live in you

The clown just laughed
and shut his book
the book he loved
in which he loved to live
now gone in it still
a life of destitute he lived
he now just laughs
in its world
No more the clown
Clown in me life
In your laugh
my tears
just shed
In my tears

— with Lopamudra Mishra and 60 others.


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