Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 26, 2017

The cage in the forest~by Thomas Graham



The cage in the forest

A tiger born into a cage, a cage of fear, a cage of rage.
Life past, the tiger grew old, feelings died in a heart so cold.
In his pain, a strength did grow, his teeth grew sharp, his claws did show.
A rotting power he did posses, one that festered within his chest.
A pale shadow of what could be, blinded by dread, he could not see.
He never saw the key, there all the time, offering freedom of a life sublime.

A young lion appeared on a hot Spring day, innocent, undaunted, bold, unafraid.
He played in the forest, elated with being, he walked near the cage, fear unfeeling.
The tiger spat contempt from his eyes, “to feel like you, I truly despise!”. The lion was dazed by this unknown action, “happiness I feel”, was lions meek reaction.
Said tiger, “come closer, let me explain”, lion moved closer, but never again.
The tiger lashed out with a sickening might, with bloodied face, the lion did take flight.
Safe in the forest, the young lion did cry, but a strength inside, made him lift his head high, “I shall never be tiger!, I would much rather die!”.

The lion fed on care, grew strong, wise, aware.
Loves balm soothed his wounds, scars faded away, dissolving the hurt, bit by bit, day by day.
He loved with a passion, like heat from the sun, but he couldn’t forget damage tiger had done.
Lion heard him whisper from that awful cage, the tumult provoking an aberrant rage.
He sought to kill the monster that had taken his pride, that had marred his content, that had made his soul hide.

Instead of old tiger, deformed by ill health, there trapped in the cage, stood only himself.
They looked at each other, pain, pity no guise. The lion in the cage, lowered his eyes.
“This must stop!, this must stop!, this must stop!, this must end!”, roared the lion through the bars, to his suffering friend.
He took a deep breath, put his paw to the key, opened the cage, and set himself free.

Tom Graham

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