Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2017

The circle of life…~by Joe Wilson



The circle of life…

Life, short or long
lived with a kind heart
in the best way that you can
may be full of heartaches
but also of joy.
You can be lifted
by the smile of a child
or brought down to your knees
by the tears of a tired old man.

In youth we are invulnerable
for life will never touch us
nor break us down into little bits.
And when we swagger
our egos as friends
we barely cast a glance
at the troubled, sad old gits.

But then, that’s life
and time moves on
we grow up and find our way,
later to ponder
those things we felt
back then and the stupid
things we’d say.

Now older, but not in the head
we hope
we look back to those far off days
when we ran and we sang
and we had such fun
It’s now sometimes seen
through a haze.

We move on
and in doing so we grow
but yet — what into.
Some of us will surely stumble
into lives that are filled with joy
and others into lives of such sorrow.
But yet we move on inexorably
to a future from which we can’t crumble.

In the end we’ve gone round
a full circle
some of it we can recall.
We’ve struggled at times
to make sense of it
for most of it makes
no sense at all.

© Joe Wilson – The circle of life…


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