Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2017

The Ghostly Lady~by Neil Perry



The Ghostly Lady

He woke to find a lady
At night time-time, freezing, dark,
A lovely looking lady,
He could not help but look,

He felt his blood run cold –
His hair stood on his head,
He tried to light a candle –
His body felt like lead,

He couldn’t move a muscle –
He felt too scared to speak,
That ghostly apparition
Had made a strong man weak,

Each time he tried to move
She hovered over him,
As if to warn him not
To move each frozen limb:

She was a lovely lady
All dressed in Tudor clothes,
Her hair was golden ringlets,
Her lips were red as rose;

She kept him there for ages
Glued firmly to his bed,
Though lovely was that lady
No word was ever said.


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