Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 29, 2017

Grandpa is my name ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the poet Ron DuBour



Grandpa is my name

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Shes a little grandma
growing up to be so sweet
in her moms looks
so vibrant
charming just as me
a little chimpanzee big words she all knows
rhyming words she has never heard of singing poetry making up long verses
dancing along she goes
cute though she is little
more than me she knows
whats going around the world
she just googles under my nose
in a world so big without a worry
fearless she goes she wants to live places to travel far pointing fingers twirling her little globe
she wants to live her life so definite she knows
don’t tell me what to do
I can teach you much more than you think you know
dont you dare ever preach me
telling me what to do
my life is mine live with me I am yours
don’t poke your nose
I know more
than grandpa knows

she loves me to bits
in her love to rerun the stories
her mothers tells of my life
grandpa I love you take me where you go
I am made for you
Don’t you still not know bedtime is at nine mother told me so
so she puts me to bed in her to sleep with her close
to whisper her lifes future as she folds her arms around me wriggling her little toes
there is no love like a child

Love her
more than you
for so little
more than you

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