Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 29, 2017





Yeah… yeah you heard that right, Life is always a pile of plight,

Happiness is a far-fetched site, tears of pain in my lonely night;

Wishing for the future days of bright, why does my dream never ignite,

Am I supposed to stay low in light, welcome to my world of painful delight;

Smile…Smile was once in my dictionary as a five letter word,

I never got a chance to read it, as I killed it with a sword;

Singled out in my barricaded mind, outrageous things it goes rewind,

Agony was filled in my traumatic dome, as the dark planet became my loving home;

Skeptical…Skeptical and negative became my beaming little thoughts,

Departed and disgraceful in the realistic world, so did my energy fall apart;

My life became a grumpy old truck with no wheels to drive in a rugged terrain,

I am still in motion, yet sometimes I do cry like a baby in despicable pain;

So…So what do I do when my day is horrid and the night is wretched,

How long do I need to go through this meaningless journey widely stretched;

I may not rise up again as now It’s time for my future to eventually burn,

Forgive me god, it’s time to say good bye as I have reached the Point of No Return;



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