Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 29, 2017

THE MAGIC FLOWER~by Nakshatra Singh




A day of comfort and joy,
It passed so nice and fast.
Soon I was asleep and dreamed,
Dreams of climbing the hill,
And to get the magic flower,
It was a dream, a thought.
With the dawn, I left for the hill,
The steep hill, thorny bushes,
But I forgot not my flower.
Before long, I was at top,
I saw the goddess of destiny,
Those eyes of affection,
And the magic flower was mine,
I did what I thought, I had acted.
Happily I came back down,
Joyous, tired and relaxed,
Soon I was fast asleep,
To have new happy dreams,
Of new day, of more flowers.
This was the obvious end,
A beautiful one, yes of course,
Of a lovely thought dreamed,
Of an earnest effort made…

By – Nakshatra Singh

Copyright @ Nakshatra Singh

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