Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2017

Before me~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Before me

Before me
How many rainy seasons
Of tears..

How many faded dreams

I hide in my soul.

How many nights

Without sunrises..

How many
How many

It is the question
I learned in life
Since this time

How many dawns

I enjoy in life

How many times
The winds of love
Sooth my soul
Only a few
My answer is
Only a few times

How many times i faced

The thunder storms in life

So many times
Many many times

All of them
Still echo

I dont have
Money son
Leave it dear
Dreams of highier studies..

I ate
We ate
It is all for my brother.

He is a student then
Now an engineer

I ate
We ate
A little for brother to rise

You are talented
Study yourself

I studied
And got economics

You are talented
Write poems
We know you like it

My parents
Always stood
With an ocean of love
And dreams

Dear friends
Iam not studied
In colleges
In my dreams
Even now iam attending
Classes in a university

This time

Invaided life

Only for giving pains

I wrote
My parents
Nice dear night

We will bring
More candles
Read dear son read
A dawn will be ours.

All are changed
All dawns are for me
Iam doing a small busness
For us to live
My brother
Now knows me
You are great
He said
Witn sparkling tears

Iam still
No one here to encourage
Some of them advised
Dont waste
Your time
Earn more..

A good prof
Read my poems
And give suggestions

The god fullfilled
One of my dream

Iam before
A professor

I bows my head
Great soul
Folded hands.

I know
Life is beyond
All biographies.


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