Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2017

It’s not only me~by Bijoy Bhakat



It’s not only me

It’s not only me
who like you
want you..
love you
and fond of you..

You are liked –
by the Autumn
by the Summer ..
by the oceans
by the rivers..

you are wanted –
by the mist
by the dawn..
by the garden
by the lawn..

you are loved –
by the bees
by the butterflies ..
by the polestar
by the sky..

you are noticed –
by the sun
by the moon..
by golden morning
and the afternoon .

you are sweetheart
to everyone ..
unique and unparallel
like none..

You are angel to every eye
You are dream girl
for every heart ..
Nobody wants your absence
Nobody likes when you depart..

Bijoy Bhakat@

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