Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 31, 2017

I N S I L E N C E~by Kingdom Nta




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In silence,
Nuggets are born, while
Paradox becomes the undiluted spice
In the soup of distinct gods

In silence,
LegENDS are hewed
The greatest of conquests
Thrive and vegetate in legitimate minds

In silence,
The hooting goon: IMPOSSIBLE,
“Says I am possible”
Even the tooting noon: UGLY,
“Says I am hug-ly-full”
And if you look through
The window shade of a melancholy
You will burgeon on
Why the cancerous mark 666
Raised to the power of zero
Remains inevitably one
Bereft of bestiality

Also, would you deduce how every butterfly
Was once an unbuttered fly

In silence,
The garment of an albatross
Becomes a cross of delicacy
In the wingless realm of panacea
There would you demystify
Why the child is bedecked
As the father of the man

In silence only
Would you know that when the rainbow
Ceases to rain
All you need do is take a bow

In silence,
When I.Q. , the soul of the brain unfurls
Fear becomes a widowed mustard
Leaving courage as the custard
That ceases not to retard!

#Kosko¬_Poetry ©®.

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