Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 31, 2017

Power of Family Healing~by rldubour



Power of Family Healing~by rldubour

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There is nothing like a family, right there when you are sick.
If really does not matter if you’re poor or very rich.
Even if it’s just a cold with shivers and a runny nose.
Family healing is what you need to be warm instead of cold.
The medicine of family love is what I do prescribe,
To chase away the saddened face and brighten up the eyes.
We all remember when those days, we had to stay in bed.
When we were young with colds and flu filling up our heads.

Mom would give us medicine then tuck us in some more.
And best of all the family was just beyond the door.
The power of family healing everyone should have.
Even though you were sick, you never felt that bad.
From childhood to golden years the family’s still intact,
And when we need a smile we can always just look back.
The age of life brings weakness as our body starts breaking down.
Now bigger things are happening wish we could turn around.
No matter what the verdict we have one thing in favor.
The power of family healing, that we will always savor.

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