Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 3, 2017

Giving In~by rldubour



Giving In

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Planning their vacation
They both had different views.
A cottage on the Cape
Or an exotic cruise.

Neither one could decide
And both began to fuss.
As they sat and complained
An issue to discuss.

A statement was just made
She did not like at all.
Last year you got your way
This year I get to call.

The Cape will be my choice
I thought of this all year.
She got upset at this
And did not want to hear.

She stood up and she said
I’ve worked as hard as you.
You can go to the Cape
And I’ll go on my cruise.

End of conversation
This now became a spat.
We’re going on a cruise
And that’s the end of that!

Now he sat bewildered
Not knowing what to do.
One thing he knew for sure
No longer would pursue.

Silence was now the trend
Both lost with words to say.
One of them would give in
And one would get their way.

Next day he bought the cruise
He knew of his mistake.
She realized she did too
And in so booked the Cape!


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