Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 4, 2017

A divorced mother cries don’t leave me my child ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the great poet Olfa Philo



A divorced mother cries don’t leave me my child

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Children were born out of love 
to hear their mothers cry
then why do they not hear her love
yet let her die

love her for me in a God more than thee
for she was born for you in her love of me

she raised you up she cleaned you in her womb
in her blood fed you in its pain to swoon

she loved like no other she was your born mother now you turn away in your love to fulfil yet another

what kind of life to you leave her to take her away from her …her will to live
her love in you to still

she loved you foremost now you hate her utmost
in a love so pure to see another love
she waits for you in a love so altruistic
true in your love to see the love in her
but you leave her mocking alone
to be a life to live without you

she loved you more than herself
to live in you
come back to her don’t agonise her
in her to see the love with which she loved leaving herself behind
adoring so kind
to raise you in a love you can never find

love her for herself not what she did for you
she was your mother she swore to love you
a victim of her own life hating all those who ever dare even threaten to touch you
to take them away from you
now you leave her
exposing her to those who threaten her
in her love of you

come back to her before its too late
Before you have to pay a life filled with hate dismay
you will have children who will love you
then you will remember this mother who loved you more than anyone would ever do
don’t leave her love her the way your children would love you
in her seeing their love for you

stay with her
for shes the only one
who loves you so true
taking your life through
with you
in it so true …
hug her
take away her with you
in your love to see no more blues
but her life in which she reared
in a love of you
don’t take her away from you
Copyright Nutan Sarawagi 2017

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