Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 5, 2017

Notions of axiomatic motions ~by Nandita Samanta



Notions of axiomatic motions

The waves are splashing on my feet
I’m a night sailor, ready for a no moon flit.
My boat is bound for a dangerous land
Still refuses to be washed, few specs of white sand
They, knowing not my fate, want to remain
Knowing not, would never see the beach again!
That in bright countenance my Sagittarius was feigning reproof
All stars in firmament dancing in sync,
only my star is aloof
My journey is now beginning far away from utopia
Destination unclear even to my centralis fovea.
My star has been laced with puffy dark clouds
Draco has declared my death for offence wrapped in shroud
I’m moving away from shore’s shifting sands,
…towards the setting sun
Inching each second nearer to my undersigned horizon.
The motions in the sky, are they the reflection of my destiny?
Are the axiomatic realm of life and death
related to life’s moral philosophy?
Can the star overpower my inner power of a woman ?
Unconsciously a consciousness eluding the celestial sphere of notion.
©®Nandita Samanta.

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