Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 5, 2017

PASSION SPOUT~by Balachandran Nair




Earth lay exhausted, lazy, half turned
Eyes closed, kept mountain as pillows
Tress dark tremor in soft wind as forest
Ankles twists resting on sea bed.
Monsoon on high passion wield its magic
Drop of cool rain fall on earth’s belly
Its passion crawl down to navel, stay
Whole world on a high tremble, thrilled
Sun conceal his passion, delay
raising of curtain to try beloved, flower
Flower withhold passion , delay
blooming spreading to try bee
Bee roam around, hide passion
delay fertilization to try seed
Seed contain its passion, delay
sprout to try shy soil
Soil who know a farmer’s toil
subdue its passion burst in hot tear
Peasant’s passion thrust plough to furrow
deep plunge, pummel and repeat
Pulses’ passion aplomb heavy harvest
Farmer’s passion got hot cot O!God!
He forgot what Govt taught about guards!


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