Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 6, 2017





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Friendship is much deeper than love,
Love can end, friendship never ends,
Love binds but friendship is free and above
It does not enslave or imprison in bends.

One man can have thousands of friends,
It is a vast, very deep experience ,
Arises from the the deepest centre of life,
The greatest treasure of divine without fence.

Friendship is the core of human relationship,
They arise from deep and unknown realms,
A friend can never be a foe,any reason to weep,
A connection of the navel firmly forms.

The thought of friendship brings images of good times,
Whether at school playing in mud or football fields,
Feasting in canteen or in gossips rewind,
No strict guidelines or fixed rules it wields.

One loyal friend is worth thousands relatives,
But gems don’t come with tides on beach,
Old friends are lost ,faded in pages bereaved,
Scattered in the universe,unseen beyond reach.

Beauty of friendship can be long lasting,
Harmonious, without conflict to choose ,
Only to give without expectations to receive,
If we focus on getting back we will loose.

The felicity of friendship can be restored,
If we listen to our heart increase resistance,
Let mind be used for outer world of business,
And voice of inner world of love for friendly vibrations.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2017.


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