Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 9, 2017

LOLL, LASS!~by Balachandran Nair




So many are writing so much
So sweet of their soul-mates
I too wanted to, so wondered:
With what will I compare YOU?
To a Goddess? Sages already did
To Angel? Coventry, J Street, K C Martin did
Birds? Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde did
Butterfly? M.E.Bradley, Lewis Carol did
Dreams? Lord Byron, Edgar A Poe did
Flower? Blake, Shelly, Keats did
Music? Conrad Aiken, Thomas Moore did
Nature? Wordsworth, Dickinson did
Everyone including Kaalidas compared YOU
To everything beautiful in whole world
So what shall I do now…other than
Comparing YOU to MYSELF, …bala…
Whom nobody know or none dare compare
While sitting solitary in his old thatched hut
With nothing but Hope as entry/exit door
Dream for a window, your thought as cot,
Oh yes, your smiling face as a wrap,
At last you lass asking me to loll, sweet lol!


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