Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 10, 2017

Billie’s Pet~by rldubour



Billie’s Pet

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When Billie brought his pet to school
No one had even known.
He placed it inside Suzie’s desk
For later to be shown.

They planned a show and tell that day
Was Billie’s turn to speak.
That’s what he heard the teacher say
He missed his turn last week.

That day Suzie’s desk stayed empty
And Billie was real glad.
He knew his pet was safe inside
And hoped it not get sad.

Just then the fire drill went off
They lined up one by one.
And all of them did go outside
Were praised on how they done.

Then Billie got a tummy ache
Was send down to the nurse.
His mom was called to pick him up
Before he did get worse.

Soon mom arrived and took him home
And marched him off to bed.
It’s Friday afternoon young man
He realized what she said.

But MOM! I have to go to school.
I have to get my pet!
He doesn’t know that I came home
He’s really scared I bet!

She did not panic just turned white
What did you bring to school?
Was Harry my Tarantula
Billy, you know the rule!

Mom called the school and they got Harry
Was right where Billy said.
This was good ’cause Monday morning
Suzie would have seen all red!

The moral to this story is
We never break the rules
And don’t show off your hairy pet
At show and tell in school!


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