Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 12, 2017

ACCESS SUCCESS WITHOUT STRESS~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




Two questions are swimming in my mind
Make all my lovely knowledge be in blind
Can stress revamp my life? 
Can stress conquer the strife?
Stress is a dangerous disease
Always telling a lie promise
Stress is also a shadow of death
Make anyone to dig a grave of depth
Stress is also a sword killer
Always killing our aplomb so harder
Stress is a coach of negativity
Always detesting the ball of positivity
Stress free striving is very impossible
Always keeping the answer of unfathomable
Stress always build a castle of solitariness
Chasing all tranquil minds and happiness
Stress is a medicine of evil
Always create in us a painful ill
Stress always preach a poor decision
Baking us a breads and cakes of discombobulation.
Let’s play the game of mind free
To access success without stress
Don’t allow stress to rule our life.
Although success is a product of hard times
Everything in success go through hard times
Don’t tolerate stress conquer you first
But you must be an endurer first
And conquer everything in stress so fast.
Although you fail 100 times
You should never relinquish
Until you win all tales
Tales of accessing a success without stress.

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