Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 12, 2017

It doesn’t matter ~by Bijoy Bhakat



It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter
whether you are near or far
whether you are in moon or in star
whether you are in love with me or not..
Whether you make me happy or make me rot..

I shall keep on loving you
keep on remembering you..
keep on cherishing the memories
keep on telling old stories..
to my heart
to my soul..
As you are my life
you are my goal..

As long as I am here
As long as I am there..
As long as I am alive
As long as I survive..

I shall tell about you

To the Spring
to the bee..
To the river
to the sea..

That you are mine
you are mine..
you are my nectar
you are red wine..

You are my beginning
you are my end..
You are my soulmate
you are Godsent…

Bijoy Bhakat@

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