Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 13, 2017

________”THE SONG OF SCHOOLCHILD”_______~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



________”THE SONG OF SCHOOLCHILD”_______

I had a dream of studying at boarding school
A dream has now shot me there like ball of pool
I am egressing home,family and friends behind
How will I survive?This is question in my mind

Happiness is so fantabulous at this first day
They are calling me a schoolchild of today
Myself I start counting all school limbs
Respect, obedience and a strongest aplomb

School life is now embracing me that I espy
Together with the various tribes,ages of people
Changing everything in me from happy
Taunting me so harshly like I’m a hostile.

Weeping over split milk will not help
Because on this strange place I’m all by myself
Strange because all week we eating same relish
Strange because all month we lighting with candle
Strange because all day we learning without bath
All because of blackouts, unpaid water bill and a poor school management.

Stream of strange still flowing from this year to that year
Strange because it is full of unsupervised
Strange because no one shouts at you
when you smoke or booze,
Strange because it allows one to forget all
advises of the parents.

A strange place surrounded by teenage
Where one is being laughed at when
practising abstinence
Varsities have turned into a place of sinners
like hell,

I guess education is the biggest devil.
Here at boarding University
I see, school is not only studying
Studying of shining my bright future, No!!
I see, school is teaching me a strange life
Strange life of no having a respect, Obedience and aplomb.
Sometimes the strange stress embracing me so tightly



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