Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 13, 2017





The morning sun in crimson glow peeping through the cloud in its shining gay.
Its light creating different colours on the trees of the forest inviting a lovely day.
Somewhere its crimson and somewhere its yellow. And somewhere its in different colours’ glow.
A little part of the road through the unknown wood gets the beam of ray.
The wood in a deep silence enjoying the sunbeam unknown gay.
The sun drenched wood looks like an unknown place of an enigmatic dream.
It’s as it were a wonderful painting on nature’s canvas by the lovely sunbeam.
The very moment I look at the inexpressible beauty of its enchanting wonder,
My mind is lost in a dreamland of its unknown splendour .
More I look at it more do I
feel my mind is traversing
through the clouds to the silent sky.
And sometimes like little
bird sits on the branches of tree and then to its nest does it fly.
How can I narrate its enigmatic beauty in mere a few words that’s not befitting at all to express .
But I’m sure whenever I shall be sitting alone in a vagrant mood, its beauty will be dancing on my remembrance .

copyright@Aniruddha Mitra


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