Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 13, 2017

In God We Trust~by rldubour



In God We Trust

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This is our national motto, I’m tired
Of feeling kicked by a brogan.
This is not some Christian, right wing,
Political slogan!

Christian principles founded this nation
Men and women adopted this motto
A minority of fourteen per cent
In our back they twist their stiletto.

Our slogan is clearly documented
It is certainly fitting to display.
If the words “In God We Trust” offends you
You have the choice to pack and move away.

If your problem is with our Old Glory
We all would like you to please understand.
We don’t care what you did or where you came from
This is OUR COUNTRY, our lifestyle, our land.

Our First Amendment gives all citizens
The right to express their opinion.
You also have the right to do so
Rather than put up with your abjuration.

Once you are done complaining and whining
About our National Motto, our way of life.
I highly encourage you to listen
Whether you’re single or came with a wife.

Pay some attention and listen up close
This is our foundation is how we believe.
Please take advantage of all of our rights.
The one that says, “YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.”


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