Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 13, 2017

INSIGHT~by Shalini Singh




All l can do is trust my insight,
My soul assures me everything is perfectly right,
The perspective is so trusting and bright,
As l try to pursue and see things in that light,
With all my strength and might,
What l derive from within is immense delight,
Trying to overcome this plight,
I see myself descend and alight,
Getting hold of a faith and belief so tight,
The spirit in me is allowing that flight,
Encouraging never to give up on the fight,
Overcoming that recurring fright,
From darkness to daylight,
Thoughts befriend me and l continue to write,
Like stars that lighten the dark skies and highlight,
Often a shooting star burns to ignite,
In the dark night it leaves a trail so bright and white,
So l might fall but definitely land upright,
Awakening to an appeasing twilight,
So amazing and marvellous is the sight,
As l evaluate, l tend to believe that foresight,
Differentiate between finite and infinite,
The presence of the eternal force outright,
The soul ever looking forward to that unite,
Undoubtedly and gladly accepts that invite.



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