Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 14, 2017

hope re-fined~by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



hope re-fined

hope re-fined

let my city shatter into shards of silent mirrors. i am not

i shall still my face find in her fragments. voice.

& save her.

i shall not haste. lest i miss the dews of patience. fall
into imperfections of frigid nights. &

fold the future bright into a finished yellow. i shall not give
up. if the
president like. let him hang himself—

a façade of stars in a paper sky of sick-o-fancy
for life. his ex-cell-en-sick is not my


i shall unmask misty morning. swift & graceful. find a song of
victory. & sing infinite. i shall

a shooting star be. slave the night. break bold. bound &


i have learnt how to flay fears. how to chisel sky.
skin. sight. & site

atmosphere of utmost greatness. i take the

cross-road by the cross. & road. crooked paths straight.

i become a saving sieve.

i sift the night from dawn. & luminous

when you ride country down in
my throat to rock & roll. you shall flutes find made from the music
of the sun: rhythm. replay. &

a redeem of hope!

Ayoola Goodness ©2017

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